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Let the Games Begin! is the first story arc of the Mega Man comic series by Archie Comics. It is a four-part adaptation of the first Mega Man game told in a four issue format.


Part One: Trouble Get!Edit

The future looks bright when brilliant and benevolent Dr. Light unveils his latest creations: the Robot Masters! But when the nefarious Dr. Wily steals them for his own sinister purposes, there is no one left to stop him. No one – except Mega Man! Don’t miss the first issue of this brand new ongoing series!

Part Two: Weapons Get!Edit

Rock was just a simple helper-robot. Now he’s the world-saving Mega Man! Armed with only his Mega Buster, can Mega Man face down the Robot Masters? More importantly, can he face his own reservations about fighting his own kind?

Part Three: Power Get!Edit

Dr. Wily is trying to take over the world with his stolen Robot Masters, but he didn’t count on Mega Man! The young hero is tearing through the would-be world-conquering robots – but is the power going to his head?

Part FourEdit

This is it! Mega Man has reached Dr. Wily's stronghold, and now nothing stands between him and the madman! Except the Yellow Devil. And the Copy Robot. And the rebuilt Robot Masters. Good luck, Mega Man! Don't miss the finale to the first arc to this brand new series!