Mega Man #3
Standard cover.

Mega Man #3 is the third issue in the Mega Man comic series by Archie Comics, released on July 2011.

Publisher's SummaryEdit

Dr. Wily is trying to take over the world with his stolen Robot Masters, but he didn’t count on Mega Man! The young hero is tearing through the would-be world-conquering robots – but is the power going to his head?


Part Three: Power Get!Edit

The third part of the Let the Games Begin! story arc. Mega Man takes on Elec Man, who has based himself in a power plant and is routing electricity to metal areas as traps instead of following Dr. Wily's instructions, which Mega Man avoids. As Elec Man is talking with Dr. Wily, Mega Man appears and disrupts the call before defeating him and obtaining Elec Man's Thunder Beam. Dr. Wily puts recovery robots on stand-by to recover the bodies of the other two Robot Masters in case they are defeated.

In his assault against Ice Man, Mega Man is more aggressive, and even more so against Fire Man, defeating him quickly with Ice Slasher. Dr. Light has been working on a new weapon and, with the defeat of Fire Man, quickly teleports Mega Man home and traps him in a box of magnetic waves. Mega Man accuses Dr. Light of betraying him and tries to break free of the box with every weapon he has while Dr. Light watches silently. When he becomes tired, he notices Roll is watching. She begins to cry and runs from the room, leaving him feeling guilty. Mega Man apologies and tells Dr. Light that he wants all of his weapons taken away after the battle is over. Dr. Light gives Mega Man a new weapon, the Magnet Beam, and teleports him to Dr. Wily's fortress.

Short CircuitsEdit

Mega Man apologizes Roll for losing control because of his powers. When Roll says she can't imagine how she would react with so much power, Mega Man imagines her using Fire Storm to clean Light Labs.




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